Specialised Services

Specialized Services of Logistics  in Saudi Arabia
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Specialised Services

Special attention is given to a niche client base that includes large corporate clients, and multinationals. Our special operational procedure comprises of

Separate team for handling.

Dedicated premium line hauls and service routes to ensure the fastest connection and turnaround times.

Ability to handle bulk volumes as per corporate needs.

Enhanced automation to manage complete process flow.

Options available for securitized handling based on the sensitivity of the shipments.

Ability to handle documents as well as cargo as per the customer’s need Highlights.

High Priority service for urgent and essential documents and packages.

Service is available through Air, Road, and Express modes.

Air: Handling cargo shipments which will be shipped by Air.

Road: Handling cargo shipments which will be shipped by Road.

Express: Handling document packages which will be shipped by the fastest express mode available.

Customised services to suit the timely needs of corporate clients.